COBRA cable landed in Eemshaven

On November 9, the COBRA cable landed in Eemshaven. The cable is a high voltage connection between Denmark and the Netherlands and is project by Dutch TSO TenneT and Danish TSO Energinet. The connection plays an important role in reaching the EU climate goals.

The connection has a total length of 350 km and consists of a 300 km sea route, that partially runs through the German section of the North Sea, a 25 km connection to the converter station in Endrup, Denmark and a 1 km connection to the converter station in Eemshaven, the Netherlands. Italian cable manufacturer Prysmian was responsible for the production and installation of the cable. The cable has a total capacity of 700 MW at a voltage level of 320 kV DC. It has an aluminium conductor with a 2,500 mm2 diameter. The connection consists of two bundled HVDC cables buried 1.5 metre in the seabed.

The cable was pulled onshore from the vessel Ulisse through a previous installed pipeline in a dike. The next step is to connect it to the 320 kV converter station, located 1 km from the landing point. Here the electricity is converted to fit the 380 kV national grid. Medio next year a last trench of cable of 20 km will be installed in the Dutch/German part of the Waddenzee. Following a test period the connection is planned to be operational in Q3 of 2019.

The COBRA connection will help improving the exchange of renewable energy, reduce CO2 reduction, developing a more integrated European energy market and in improving grid stability in both the Netherlands and Denmark. The transportation capacity will be auctioned which allows for the connection to earn itself back.

Other international subsea cable connections
TenneT was also involved in other subsea connections previously, including the 700 MW NorNed-cable between the Netherlands and Norway and the 1,000 MW BritNed-cable between the Netherlands and the UK. It is currently working on the NordLink cconnection, a 1,400 MW cable between Germany and Norway which is planned for completion in 2020. Source TenneT



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