Demacq and Topwind recycling wind turbines

 More and more wind turbines that are being replaced are no longer suitable for the second hand market. On the one hand this has to do with the growing supply, but on the other hand wind turbines are often no longer in the appropriate technical condition. Recycling wind turbines is no different than dismantling the wind turbine, scorch and drain.

In recent years, however, has shown that the manner of implementation of this process has a major impact on safety and the environment. By the exclusive cooperation between Demacq and Topwind is now becoming a professional, safe, but also offered a sustainable solution.

Topwind has been working on the entire project management for quite some time now the dismantling of wind farms. “With our years of experience in the field of project realization, we can now completely dismantle and become dismantled the site delivered in accordance with the requirements. We also ensure that all safety requirements that are usually used in the construction, also during the disassembly can be guaranteed. “says Peter Spruijt, Project Manager at Topwind.

Recycling wind turbines was not unknown to Topwind, for most materials from a wind turbine, suitable methods have been found to reassemble them can use. In addition, harmful materials, such as SF6 gases from the switch gears, removed in a professional manner. Before processing of the wind turbine blades there was still no suitable solution. “With Demacq we have found a way to finish wind turbine blades in a sustainable way break and give the recyclate a new destination in, for example bank reinforcement, recyclate for furniture and fiber reinforced concrete.

Do your turbines have to be recycled and / or disassembled? Then contact Topwind (

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