Dutch offshore wind companies join forces for US East Coast offshore wind market

Four Dutch organisations are joining forces to help Dutch companies enter the offshore wind market in the US East Coast, via the ‘Partners in International Business’ programme.

The coming years around 25 GW of offshore wind is planned off the US East Coast, with Massachusetts as frontrunner. The offshore wind market is still in its infancy in this area. This offers good opportunities for Dutch companies that have already substantial experience gained in the European market. There are many challenges for foreign companies who want to enter the US market. Local partnerships will have to be set up and knowledge will have to be gained in the rules and regulations as they can differ per state.

To help Dutch companies enter the market, four organisations are joining forces; InnovationQuarter, Holland Home of Wind Energy, Netherlands Wind Energy Association and IRO. Their mission: to collectively promote the Dutch sector in the US, built a public-private network and reinforce cooperation within the supply chain. Dutch companies that are interested can participate in the ‘Partners in International Business’ programme. Source: HHWE

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