February 6 marks Green Energy Day 2019

According to a press release by NVDE, the Dutch Association for Renewable Energy, today marks ‘Green Energy Day’ for the Netherlands.

The Green Energy Day refers to the illustrative moment where a country has reached the point where the expected amount of renewable energy production for that year can cover the energy demand. After this point, the energy demand will be supplied by fossil energy sources.

In reality the influx of renewable energy is spread over a year. The day is to illustrate more clearly where a country is when it comes to the share of renewable energy covering the expected energy demand.

For 2019 the renewable energy share is expected to be 10.3 %. This refers to all the renewable energy produced in the Netherlands and the energy demand, including industry and transport. Translated into days this means 37 days. In 2017 the Green Energy Day took place earlier, on 24 January. In 2020, it is expected to be reached on 13 February.

When only including electricity demand, the Green Electricity Day would be slightly later, on 15 March. In 2030 this could be an autumn day, based on the plans outlined in the climate agreement draft. NVDE has used CBS, PBL en NEV 2017 as sources for their predictions. Source and photo: NVDE

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