First turbine Avri Wind Farm produces power


On Thursday 26 December, test runs were started on the first turbine at Avri Wind Farm, thus producing the first electricity of the wind farm. Avri Wind Farm comprises 3 wind turbines with each a rated power of 3.6 MW that are installed on the terrain of the former Avri landfill in Geldermalsen. The terrain also includes a solar field.

Two wind turbines with each a tower height of 120 m are installed on two sides of the landfill while a third, with a 99 m tower height, was built on top. Burgerwindcoöperatie West-Betuwe, who are, on behalf of 900 members, the initiators of te wind farm, reports that all turbines were already installed recently but were not able to be connected yet.

When fully operational, the wind farm will, together with adjacent wind farm Deil, annually produce around 190 million kWh. Every year, 0.50 Euro cents per every 1000 generated kWh at both wind farms will be put in a so called ‘omgevingsfonds’ from where projects will be financed that will improve the liveability of the region. This fund will also be used to pay out the compensation for local residents. The height of the payment is depending on the distance to the wind farm. Source: Burgerwindcoöperatie West-Betuwe

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