First wind turbine installed at Wieringermeer Wind Farm

On Tuesday, June 25, the first wind turbine at Wieringermeer Wind Farm was installed. Developer Vattenfall announced this milestone on its social media channels. In total, the wind farm in the Wieringermeer, in the province of Noord-Holland will comprise 82 wind turbines.

The wind turbines are delivered by German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex. It concerns the turbine type N117/3600. Early May, the first wind turbine components started arriving at the site. The 58.5 m blades are produced in Turkey and transported by boat to Moerdijk. Most of the remaining components are produced in Rostock, Germany.

The construction is performed in several stages, starting at the Medemblikkertocht and the Oudelandertocht, followed by the Groettocht, Waardtocht and Waterkaaptocht. In first instance, the 2 lowest tower components are placed on the previously constructed foundations. The next badge of components, which include the remaining 3 tower components, the nacelle and the blades, are installed later on as these require a larger installation crane. The wind farm is expected to be completed at the end of 2019.

Wind office
Also this week, Vattenfall announced it has opened the ‘Windloket Wieringermeer’, a servicewww.windener office that was established to pay out the fees related to the ‘Burenregeling’, a community scheme, and to approve projects that are submitted by the ‘Windfonds’, a wind fund.

Community scheme
Vattenfall has set up, in agreement with the environmental council, a community scheme to ensure that the local community can profit also from the wind farm. Via this scheme, local residents that live within a radius of 1,250 m from a wind turbine receive an annual fee. The scheme will become active when the first wind turbines become operational, which is expected this year. The first payments will be done in 2020. Local residents are informed on this scheme later this year.

Wind fund
A wind fund (Windfonds) is established to fund projects and initiatives that serve a general social purpose and or stimulate sustainability in the Wieringermeer region. From the moment the wind farm is opened, local residents and social organisations located in Wieringermeer and within a radius of 3.5 km from the Wieringermeer polder can submit their ideas. A Windfonds committee will determine which of the submitted projects will receive funding. Source: Vattenfall

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