Greenchoice installs mega energy storage system near onshore wind farm

Green energy company Greenchoice will install a 10 MW energy storage system at the onshore wind farm Hartelkanaal. Wind farm Hartelkanaal is located in the harbour of Rotterdam, between the Hartelkanaal canal and the N15 motorway, and consists of 8 wind turbines that produce an average 68 GWh per year together. This is enough to supply around 18,000 households of green energy.

Largest energy storage system connected to a Dutch onshore wind farm
The battery is supplied by Alfen. It consists of 6 containerized energy storage units with pre-integrated batteries, power conversion, acclimatization, and a transformer compartment. Together, they have a storage capacity of 10 MWh, the largest installed energy storage system in connection to an onshore wind farm in the Netherlands to date. The modular plug & play setup enables future expansion or transportation of the system to another location. Alfen is also responsible for the integration of the system in the local grid.

With this step, Greenchoice is showing that it is preparing for large-scale integration of renewable energy on the power grid. The storage system will help provide flexibility in the energy system and create a more stable energy system. Surplus production is stored in the storage system and can be fed in the local grid again when needed. This way the turbines can continue operating even when the demand is low at that time. The project is financed by Triodos Bank. If the project is successful, Greenchoice will install more storage systems at other locations.
Photo: Greenchoice


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