Jack Up Barge completes DolWin3 job

Dutch offshore contractor Jack Up Barge has completed its scope of work for the DolWin3 connection in the southwestern part of the German North Sea. The company is now starting on its new project, BorWin3.

The scope of work for both offshore HVDC connections involved offshore substation installation support, including crane and accommodation support. While the activities for both projects are similar, it concerns 2 different contracts. The contract for the DolWin3 connection, was awarded by General Electric and the contract for BorWin3 by Petrofac. For both projects the European electricity transmission system operator TenneT is the end-client.

Jack Up Barge used its jack-up vessel JB-117 to perform the activities. The 75.9 metre self-elevating platform has a 98-metre long boom, which enabled it to reach every section of the offshore station, and flexible accommodation options. During peak activities the JB-117 accommodated 180 offshore personnel. In addition, Jack Up Barge provided logistical support of stores and personnel.

Offshore grid connections in the German sector of the North Sea
DolWin3 is a 900 MW offshore grid connection in the southwestern part of the German North Sea. It is the third in the DolWin cluster. The HVDC connection consists of a 900 MW platform and a 160 km cable connection to the onshore transmission grid. The offshore station was already installed in 2017. BorWin3 is also a 900 MW offshore grid connection. It is the third built off the coast of Borkum. The total of 160 km cable connection to the onshore network consists of 130 km subsea cable and 30 km onshore cable.

“This project is where we as an offshore support company can really show our worth. We can adapt quickly to project-specific requirements such as flexible accommodation solutions. What’s more, JB-117 can provide true year-round support – staying out for more than a year without having to return to shore if necessary,” says Jack Up Barge Commercial Director Jurgen de Prez in the company’s press release today.


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