King Willem-Alexander opens Krammer Wind Farm

Yesterday, May 15, the official opening of Krammer Wind Farm took place. The wind farm, located on and around the primary flood defence Krammersluizen, on the border of the provinces of Zuid-Holland and Zeeland, was opened by King Willem-Alexander, in the presence of over 700 guests. It was the start of a 4-days celebration for all parties involved in the project.

With a total power rating of 102 MW, it is the largest citizen initiative in the Netherlands. Over 5,000 members of the two energy cooperatives Deltawind and Zeeuwind have contributed in the realisation of the wind farm. Together, they hold a 51% share in Krammer Wind Farm. The remaining 49% is owned by wind turbine manufacturer Enercon. During the morning programme, the Deltawind director Monique Sweep expressed her gratitude to the members of the cooperatives and local citizens for the respectful way they dealt with the whole project.

The idea arose in 2009. The first construction activities started in 2016. At the end of 2018, the last of 34 Enercon, type E115, wind turbines was installed. Krammer is fully operational since March of this year. The electricity is directly supplied to a consortium, consisting of DSM, Google, Nouryon and Philips. According to Sweep, the revenue from the wind farm could be used for investments in more sustainable initiatives. Floating solar at the wind farm could be one of the options.

Wind Energy Magazine published an interview about Krammer Wind Farm in the June edition of 2018. Read the full interview on building a wind farm on a primary flood defence and in a Natura 2000 area. 





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