October month shows high wind generation

Renewable energy generation in October increased with 15% compared to the same month in 2018. The higher number came mainly from wind energy, according to statistics by Energieopwek.nl.

On average, 33,000 MWh of wind energy per day was generated, with two peaks of more than 85,000 MWh. In October, the share of onshore wind was 6.2%, an increase of 20% against October last year. This is partially due to an increase in the total installed capacity on land. The share of offshore wind was 3.4%. This is an increase of only a few percents, however, produced by the same number of wind turbines as last year.

It is expected that the total share of renewable energy at the end of 2019 will be around 9 %. In 2018 this number was 7.4 %. The Planbureau voor de leefomgeving () expects the share of renewable energy will rise to 11.4% in 2020. This is lower than the target of 14% set by the government.

The Dutch government announced new measures last Friday to stimulate the increase in renewable energy and bring down the CO2 emissions. One of the measures being an addition SDE+ spring subsidy round. In addition, the development fund for energy cooperatives will be doubled to 10 million Euro.

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