Start construction activities Drentse Monden Oostermoer

The first construction activities have started on the 135 MW onshore wind farm Drentse Monden en Oostermoer in the Province of Drenthe.

During January road construction is being performed from the main road (Drentse Mondenweg) to the location of the first turbine. At the location itself, a stand place will be constructed for the crane and components assembly. At the same time grid owner Enexis Netbeheer will start the construction work for the connection of the wind farm to the grid. It has contracted BAM Infra Energie & Water B.V. and Baas B.V. to perform these activities. The activities will start near the high voltage stations in Stadskanaal and Gasselternijveen.

In March/April the foundation for the turbine will be constructed, followed by the installation of the turbine. The wind farm will consist of 45 Nordex N131 turbines. After the first turbine is installed, which is planned for June/July this year, tests will be done on the electromagnetic radiation. If the level is reduced properly confirm agreements, then the construction on the remaining 44 turbines can commence. The wind farm is planned to be completed by the end of 2020.

Wind farm Drentse Monden en Oostermoer is developed by Duurzame Energieproductie Exloërmond B.V. , a collective of local agricultural companies and the co-operative De Windvogel, Raedthuys Windenergie B.V. and Windpark Oostermoer Exploitatie B.V.. Citizens can participate in the wind farm via De Windvogel. Photo: Cable routes for the wind farm Drentse Monden en Oostermoer. Enexis Netbeheer.

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