Start-ups in wind II: Tulyp Wind

Tulyp Wind is a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) that can provide a boost to onshore wind. Developer of the turbine is Arkom Windpower. Eric Pieterse, Business developer:

Can you specify your innovation?
A vertical axis wind turbine that is more suitable for the built environment. It produces less noise, is less high and has a smaller risk contour, about a quarter of a standard onshore wind turbine. This means that the Tulyp Wind turbine is allowed to be installed in closer proximity of houses and buildings. It can be better integrated into the landscape, in port, industrial and urban areas. The turbine has fixed blades that do not rotate, therefor minimizing the risk of damage. This means less and cheaper maintenance.

What is the advantage over larger onshore turbines?
If you want to use a large wind turbine, please do so, but many projects fail because the wind turbine cannot be fitted in the environment. Considering our turbine produces enough electricity to power at least 200 households, this is better than no turbine at al. By comparison, you would need an area the size of a football field full of solar panels to produce the equivalent of a Tulyp Wind turbine.

What is the biggest challenge for the Dutch wind sector?
Improving acceptance for wind energy on land. The industry is focussing on offshore wind and that’s fine, but it is also important to proceed with onshore wind. The Tulyps could play an important role in making large infrastructure projects, such as tunnels or the Afsluitdijk, more sustainable.

Does the Tulyp effect the kWh price of wind energy?
That is hard to say. The Tulyp makes it possible to install a wind turbine in areas where normal sized onshore turbines are not allowed. We calculated that the Tulyp costs 5 to 7 cents per produced KWh. This is cheaper than Dutch solar energy, so it is a good addition to the sustainable energy mix.

In five years, where do you stand as a company?
We will have succeeded and the Tulyp is manufactured on large scale. We will be working on new applications, for example floating turbines or turbines that can be fitted on vessels. We will also be producing different sizes of the Tulyp, a smaller, backyard-sized version and a larger version of 80 meters that produces 1 MW. Text: Karin Broer

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