Unique offshore wind course launched in the north of the Netherlands

In the north of the Netherlands a unique consortium of governmental, educational and industry players have joined forces in launching an offshore wind course. The course starts in November and consists of 10 free meetings in Eemshaven, Delfzijl and Groningen, amongst others.

The idea aroe from the need to resolve the growing demand in skilled personnel in the offshore wind energy market. Currently there is a lack of qualified personnel. The course will provide more in-depth understanding of the how and why of offshore wind energy. How do you produce electricity from wind, what required for the installation of the wind turbines (logistical plan, assets, etc)?

The course is free for all those interested in offshore wind, regardless of knowledge skills or age. The sessions are combined with tours to companies that are active in the offshore wind energy sector.

The offshore wind course is offered by the province of Groningen, Noorderpoort, educational institutes Hanzehogeschool Groningen and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Groningen Seaports, Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind (NNOW), Nationaal Programma Groningen and New Energy Coalition. The partners will organise an introductional lecture on 15 and 16 October. Image: Noorderpoort

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