Vattenfall installs met masts at Wieringermeer Wind Farm

Wind turbine installation at Wieringermeer Wind Farm

Vattenfall installed the second met mast at Wieringmeer Wind Farm. In total, 3 met masts will be installed at the wind farm. They will determine and validate the wind turbine’s power performance.

A third met mast will be installed in September. The met masts, with each a height of 120 metres, are provided by UK telecom specialist 8point8. Wieringermeer Wind farm will comprise 82 Nordex, type N117/3600 wind turbines. The wind turbines are replacing older, less powerful ones.

The construction is performed in several stages, starting at the Medemblikkertocht and the Oudelandertocht, followed by the Groettocht, Waardtocht and Waterkaaptocht. In first instance, the 2 lowest tower components are placed on the previously constructed foundations. The next badge of components, which include the remaining 3 tower components, the nacelle and the blades, are installed at a later stage as these require a larger installation crane.

The first wind turbine installation was completed at the end of June. At the time of writing, 8 wind turbines are ready. At another 27 locations the lowest tower components have been installed. The wind farm is expected to be completed at the end of 2019.


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